SecureVisio makes the people who make the decisions in the field of IT in one place have always timely and understandable information and specialized tools that take the appropriate decisions for IT security. With SecureVisio the decision makers have access to meaningful and current information as well as specialized tools, thanks to which they are able to make correct decision in regards to IT security.

Key benefits of implementing SecureVisio

SecureVisio equipped with professional risk management tools, threat modeling and incident management helps organizations to minimize losses resulting from security incidents, to reduce stress of people responsible for the safety and to quickly make the right decisions in terms of expenses related to IT security’s maintenance.

  • Quick identification of vulnerabilities in IT systems critical to business of the organization
  • Automatic detection of new vulnerabilities based on CVE® database and integration with Vulnerability Assessment tools
  • Automatic auditing of IT security design focused on the identification of critical business processes that do not have required protections
  • Failure simulation of the network, security and IT system elements and easy verification if consequences of failure are acceptable to the organization

SecureVisio contains interactive, electronic documentation of IT security that shows the overall picture of the organization’s IT security in technical as well as business areas. It provides graphical incident management tools as well as tools that analyze impact of security breaches on the processes within the organization.

  • Electronic documentation equipped with dedicated tools for defining logical IT security architecture and detailed physical network diagrams
  • Asset Discovery provides automatic detection, identification and documentation of IT systems
  • Graphical tools for editing and searching of security, network and IT system elements as well as the reports wizard
  • Easy compliance with the requirements of the law and security standards (including PCI-DSS, ISO-27001)
  • Cost-effective security development assisted by IT security expert knowledgebase with automatic risk assessment and threat modeling functions
  • Agile risk management and cost-effective security development in dynamic IT environments
  • SecureVisio is a modern IT GRC solution designed for any organization
  • SecureVisio reduces risks connected with IT system changes and makes sure that spending for IT security is justified by the organization’s business requirements.
  • Automated risk assessment and identification of vulnerable IT systems of critical importance for the organization
  • Automated identification of Single Points of Failure in the IT systems of critical importance for the organization
  • Optimization of working time and stress reduction of people responsible for the organization’s safety

SecureVisio helps to maintain business continuity of critical processes of the organization and provides tools to support the creation of Business Continuity Planning, particularly useful during the analysis of the impact of potential incidents on the business processes.

  • Detection and alerting about suspicious events in IT systems critical to the organization
  • Automatic security incidents detection based on the integration with SIEM systems and technical safeguards (NGFW, IPS, etc.)
  • Business Impact Analysis function automatically estimates an impact of an incident on the organization operations (also useful in BCP and DR projects)
  • Easy access to the information required for quick restore of business processes after an incident
  • Improved business resilience and uninterrupted operations of the organization’s business processes

With SecureVisio people responsible for the organization’s safety have complete and always current IT systems documentation containing technical and business related information in a single system They also receive access to specialized tools that allow to make correct decision in regards of IT security. Moreover the Business Impact Analysis functionality automatically estimates the consequences of incidents for continuity of organization’s operations.

Automating the process of incident handling is possible through SecureVisio integration with SIEM systems and other technical security technologies, e.g. Next-Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Anti-Malware Sandboxing, etc. SecureVisio is equipped with Syslog Universal Parser, using which it can read logs and alarms from various systems like SIEM and other information sources about IT security incidents.

SecureVisio is equipped with professional risk management and incident handling tools. It helps organizations to avoid mistakes during incident handling. SecureVisio’s security modeling tools allow decision makers to quickly learn which business processes could be disrupted and which data could be potentially stolen.

With SecureVisio people responsible for the organization’s safety have access to the complete and always current IT systems documentation as well as to specialized tools that allow for proper decisions in regards to IT security.

Assists in deciding whether or not to accept planned changes in the security configuration (eg. a business unit requests to permit communication from external networks to an IT system place on the internal network). SecureVisio contains tools that estimate the potential risk of hacking into an IT systems that could result from the implementing the rule that allows for access to this system.

The threat modeling and security auditing tools provided by SecureVisio allow to quickly and accurately estimate the risk of deploying new IT service.

SecureVisio allows to make fast, automatic compliance assessment with security standards (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc) of the current status as well as changes planned within an IT system.

  • SecureVisio is developed by Polish security experts with whom you can contact and seek additional consultations, support in SOC design, etc.
  • the vendor provides training and technical support in Polish as well as English language
  • User Interface GUI and all documentation are available in Polish and English language
  • Open to the needs of international clients